• A photo of Lina Ruz. On the reverse is the handwriting: «This souvenir is the one you gave to Juana Manzanares, my mother, in the year 1925. Francisco Manzanares González.»

    Fecha: 30/11/1924
    Fecha: 1925
  • Lina Ruz photography. In the dedication can be read: "My dear friends Paciano and Julia. With all love your friend forever. Lina Castro Biran. 04.10.1926”.*

    * If the annotated date at the foot of the dedication coincides with a close time to the moment in which the photographer captured the image, then, missing only about four months for the birth of Fidel.

    Fecha: 10/04/1926
    Fecha: 10/04/1926
  • Picture taken in Birán when Fidel was one year and eight months old. The picture was dedicated by his parents to their friends Paciano and Julia. Some years later, in order to confirm his identity, Fidel wrote his name on the back of the picture.

    Fecha: 31/03/1928
    Fecha: 04/1928
  • Fidel and his siblings Ramón y Angelita at his home in Birán.

    Fecha: 30/11/1928
    Fecha: 1929
  • Fidel, aged three, with his siblings Angela and Ramón in Biran.

    Fecha: 30/11/1928
    Fecha: 1929