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Articles | 26/03/2020 |

Cuba has mobilized its medical corps around the world to distribute a new "wonder drug" that officials there say is capable of treating the new coronavirus despite the United States' strict sanctions that continue to pressure the communist-run island.

Articles | 26/02/2020 |

Over the years, the CIA has spied on the diplomatic and military communications of hundreds of nations by using encryption machines from a Swiss company owned by the CIA and Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND), as revealed by the National Security Archive, an independent research center.
Both the Washington Post and the German public-service television broadcaster (ZDF) have recently published this investigation, with...

Articles | 06/02/2020 |

Besiege, preventing the functioning of something. This is the meaning that the Dictionary of the Spanish Language provides for the verb "to block." A consensual interpretation for the word, offered from the perspective of linguists and scholars of our language.

Articles | 24/02/2020 |

After US allies expel foreign health missions, Havana warns that patients will pay the highest price for campaign against its scheme.


When Fidel and his bearded troops, steeled in battle against the dictatorship, reached the Columbia base, January 8, 1959, an exacting stage in the national liberation struggle came to an end and a hopeful, unprecedented chapter in the country's history began.


Today, when the United States and Iran are on the brink of an international conflict, the words of Fidel Castro Ruz have extraordinarily relevance.
Message from Comandante en jefe Fidel Castro Ruz against nuclear war

Articles | 03/12/2019 |

Their souls are as clean as their white lab coats. Who could cast doubt? Their generosity knows no borders in an incessant battle for life, regardless of class differences and racial distinctions, asking only for renewed hope in exchange.