Artículos Sobre Fidel

Articles | 25/08/2019 |

June 12, 1992, in Río de Janeiro, Brazil, Fidel Castro presented a brief but masterful speech during the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. Those present applauded, including a few heads of state who weren’t too happy with what he had to say, but recognized the validity of his words.

Articles | 14/08/2019 |

This August 13, the Commandante en Jefe would have turned 93. The validity of his thought and action remains clear and serves to guide progressive, social justice efforts around the world.

Articles | 21/06/2019 |

Not even the legal system of said nation respects the Helms-Burton Act, its authors blinded by their desire to destroy the Cuban Revolution, by their interest in bending and submitting a people whose dignity and courage, is recognized within the community of nations, which has helped to confront them, and resist aggressions, in defense of its freedom, their independence and its sovereignty.

Articles | 17/05/2019 |

One of the Revolutionary government’s first actions, May 17, 1959, was to proclaim the Agrarian Reform, giving the land to those who worked it.

Articles | 01/01/2018 |

El 18 de noviembre de 1958 quedó constituida la comandancia del Frente Camagüey, como parte del plan estratégico de la comandancia general del Ejército Rebelde. Lo integraron las Columnas no. 11 Cándido González y no. 13 Ignacio Agramonte. De las características de su fundación, hablaron los coroneles retirados Pablo Roberto León González, integrante de la 11, e Idelfredo Figueredo Ríos, de la 13.

Antecedentes de lucha...

Articles | 05/03/2019 |

This law is more interventionist that the Platt Amendment of 1901 and the Reciprocity Treaty Cuba was forced to sign to be granted fictitious independence, at the beginning of the 20th century.
-It is an attack on the independence and dignity of Cuba, with openly annexationist, colonialist intentions.
- The Helms-Burton Act was approved to provoke a change in Cuba’s political and economic system.

Articles | 15/03/2019 |

Excerpts from Fidel’s speech delivered on the centenary commemoration of the Baraguá Protest, in Santiago de Cuba.