Speeches and Statements


You may be victorious or defeated in a few hours, but hear this well, comrades! This movement will triumph anyway. If you are victorious tomorrow, Martí’s aspirations will became true sooner. If not, the gesture will serve to set an example for the Cuban people to take up the flag and keep going forward. The people will support us in the Eastern region and in the entire island. We the Youth of the Centennial of the Apostle, just...


There are few times when the human word would appear to be as limited and deficient as it does today, to express the series of feelings, emotions, and ideas born in the heat of the great display of patriotism we have witnessed this morning, moments of emotions similar to those experienced on other occasions when we have had the chance to meet with large crowds.


The people do not hear news other than the dispatch by the Staff of the Dictatorship. The outrage of censorship is imposed on the press together with the outrage of lies. And those same newspapers and broadcasters, upon which a severe and vigilant inquisitor prevents the publication of any real news, are obliged to inform and issue all that the dictatorship reports. The organs of opinion are snatching the people to turn them into vehicles of...


I think this is a turning point in our history: tyranny has been overthrown. The joy is immense. And yet, much remains to be done. We are not deceived into believing that everything will be easy in the future; Maybe in the future everything will be more difficult. To say the truth is the first duty of every revolutionary. To deceive the people, to arouse deceiving delusions, would always bring the worst consequences, and I believe that the...


Foremost, so that we are not thought of as carried away by emotion, so that it can be clearly seen that there is a people capable of standing with our head held high, with courage, a nation that knows to calmly analyze situations without resorting to lies or pretexts or base on absurd suppositions, but on obvious truths, the first thing we have to do to analyze the facts.


We have learned that lesson through historical dialectics, because in our march along a path full of difficulties and struggle our people has grown into a great people; while coping with great obstacles, great difficulties, the conscience of this country, the dignity of this country and the strength of this country have expanded. Just as the heroic struggle of other peoples against the imperialist enemy makes them evolve and become stronger,...


As of the second half of this year, the home-building effort will increase substantially across the country. But, where are we going to make the main emphasis? Our main emphasis will be made in the countryside, I mean the focus of our housing construction effort. And we will prioritize the construction of housing for the people who work in the People's Farms.