• A photo of Lina Ruz. On the reverse is the handwriting: «This souvenir is the one you gave to Juana Manzanares, my mother, in the year 1925. Francisco Manzanares González.»

    Fecha: 30/11/1924
    Fecha: 1925
  • Lina Ruz photography. In the dedication can be read: "My dear friends Paciano and Julia. With all love your friend forever. Lina Castro Biran. 04.10.1926”.*

    * If the annotated date at the foot of the dedication coincides with a close time to the moment in which the photographer captured the image, then, missing only about four months for the birth of Fidel.

    Fecha: 10/04/1926
    Fecha: 10/04/1926
  • Fidel and his siblings Ramón y Angelita at his home in Birán.

    Fecha: 30/11/1928
    Fecha: 1929
  • Lina Ruz, Fidel's mother in Biran. This photo is dedicated to her friend Julia Alvarez Fernandez, and signed: "Lina Castro. Biran 02/01/1929. Cuba"

    Fecha: 01/02/1929
    Fecha: 01/02/1929
  • Photography of Ángela Castro, one of the Fidel´s sisters, with a dedication: "Dear friend Julia. With all my affection I dedicate to you this portrait of my daughter Angelita, you know she love you. Lina Castro”

    Fecha: 30/11/1929
    Fecha: 1930