The commission for the Lenin Prize, in Moscow, bestows the Lenin Prize on Peace, for his extraordinary services in the struggle for the strengthening and preservation of the peace among the peoples, received from the hands of the Soviet scientist Dimitri Skobeltam, March 19, 1962.

The Algerian National Liberation Front bestows the Medal of Honour from the hands of Algeria’s president Ahmed Ben Bella, first time in which this prize is given, a token of the close union between the peoples of Cuba and Algeria, october 16, 1962.
The University of Lomonosov in Moscow awards the title of Doctor Honoris Causa in Legal Sciences of this academic centre, and grants the commemorative medal bearing the image of Mijaíl Lomonosov founder of the University, May 21, 1963.
The Presidium of the USSR Soviet Supreme awards the title of National Hero of the Soviet Union, Lenin Order and Golden Start Medal, May 23, 1963.
The Government of the USSR awards the Medal for Lenin’s Centenary, handed over by the USSR ambassador in Cuba, April 22, 1971.
The mayoralty of Antofagasta City, Chile confers the Cooper Key of the City, considering him as a distinguished guest of Antofagasta in a mass act with university students, November 12, 1971.
Declared Distinguished Guest of Punta Arenas City, Chile. He receives the Master key to the City, November 21, 1971.

Guinea-Bissau’s President Sekou Touré awards the Order Fidelity to the People, May 6, 1972.

He receives the Master key to the Argel city, Algeria, May 8, 1972.
The Council of State of Bulgaria awards the Jorge Dimitrov Order, for his service in the fight of the Cuban people against imperialism, as well as for the building up of socialism in Cuba and the strengthening of the friendship and cooperation between Bulgaria and Cuba, May 17, 1972.