• Eladio Rivadulla designs and prints the first poster on the Cuban Revolution as a silkscreen, by himself and on his own initiative, early in the morning of January 1959, using the image of Fidel Castro the Guerrilla.

    Autor: Rivadulla Martínez, Eladio
    Fecha: 01/01/1959
    Fecha: 01/01/1959
  • Cover of Bohemia magazine, First Freedom Edition.

    Autor: unknown
    Fecha: 11/01/1959
    Fecha: 11/01/1959
  • Cover allegorical to Fidel Castro referring to the Triumph of the Revolution

    Fecha: 26/01/1959
    Fecha: 26/01/1959
  • Poster commemorating the signing of the First Agrarian Reform Act.

    Fecha: 30/11/1960
    Fecha: 1961
  • Poster designed by Juan Ayús with a Korda photograph and the heading of "Comandante en Jefe: ¡Ordene!" (Commander in Chief: At your command!); it was distributed in the Young Communists League (UJC) during the days of the October Crisis.

    Autor: Ayús, Juan
    Fecha: 30/11/1961
    Fecha: 1962