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Cuba: internationalism and the vaccine against Covid-19

Forty-one years ago, Cuba hosted the Sixth Summit of Non-Aligned Countries (Noal) and by then Cuban collaborators provided services in 28 countries of that Movement, a practice multiplied today in the face of Covid-19.
In the opening speech of that meeting, President Fidel Castro stressed that his country offered 'solidarity with deeds, not with beautiful words'. Cuban professionals currently work in 28 member countries of the Movement, said the Caribbean president.

Cuba still waiting for information about its embassy in Washington

Another day begins in Cuba in the battle against Covid-19, with encouraging signs, but here they are still waiting for the United States to rule on the attack on its embassy in Washington.
Eighteen days have passed since the Cuban diplomatic headquarters in the US capital received 32 shots from an assault rifle, without the Washington government fulfilling its duty to officially report on it.