“I have faith in this wonderful awakening of our continent. I have absolute faith in the future of this continent. I have faith and I can affirm right here that I am certain that the future of the Americas will be totally different from what it has been so far. Everything depends on our faith, everything depends on our own effort, and everything depends on us."
References to the original: Speech in New York Central Park, United States, April 24, 1959
“Those of us who have read about the history of the Americas,  who have meditated more than once about it, from the time when  we acquired the first political notions and learned the first concepts about what this continent was like, its origin and its history, have found it very difficult to understand why our America has reached the present status; (…) why have we lived so estranged from each other; why have we lived so indifferently to those who many a time have been separated from us only by a river, or an imaginary line, or a mountain, or an inlet, when we all were essentially one and the same thing.”  

References to the original: Closing ceremony of the First Latin American Youth Organizations Congress, August 6, 1960
“One day, when the revolution is triumphant in all the rest of the countries of Latin America, we shall unite with the other peoples and we shall form a community of Latin American peoples.  We need the revolution for that; we need socialism for that.”
References to the original: Speech at a mass rally in Ploiesti, Rumania, May 27, 1972
“Trust in Cuba! Cuba is not just defending its own sovereignty over there in that trench: we understand that from that trench we are also defending the interests of other Latin American peoples.”
References to the original: Speech given at the ceremony bestowing the State of Sao Paulo Award on the ethnologist Orlando Villas Boas, at the Latin American Memorial in Sao Paulo, Brazil, March 17, 1990
“I think that today in Latin America the prime battle is – in my opinion – that of defeating neo-liberalism because if we do not defeat neo-liberalism we disappear as nations, we disappear as independent States, and we shall be more colonies than the Third World countries ever were.”
References to the original: Speech given at the closing ceremony of the IV Meeting of the Forum at Sao Paulo, held at the Convention Centre, July 24, 1993
“A year ago already, as expression of our sovereign political will, we decided to constitute the Association of Caribbean States.  We have before us a great challenge.  It is a matter of forging a mutual destiny for nations that are remarkably dissimilar in terms of size, population and development […] The region understands, ultimately, that the future path for our peoples lies in unity.”
References to the original: Fidel Castro attends the Summit Meeting of the Heads of Governments of the Member States of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS), Trade, Tourism and Transport, being held in Trinidad and Tobago, August 17, 1995
“Let us follow the example of our predecessors. Let us do what Bolivar, San Martin, Artigas, O'Higgins, Sucre, Juarez, Morazan and Marti would have done in similar circumstances, so that our America will hold a dignified place in a world in which we all have a right to live.”
References to the original: At the Sixth Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State or Government held in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina, October 16, 1995