"The Revolution is the work of everyone, the Revolution is the sacrifice of everyone, the revolution is the ideal of everyone and the revolution shall be the fruit of everyone."
References to the original: Speech given in Güines, March 29, 1959

"The National Ballet of Cuba has been present in the greatest moments of our major cultural endeavors, throughout the long battle for independence and socialism waged by our people".

References to the original: Key address at the opening ceremony of the 18th Havana International Ballet Festival, October 19, 2002
“Such an extraordinarily beautiful revolution, like the social revolutions that brought the working class and peasants to power, and which began the road, the great and glorious road.  For that reason they will always be immortal, for that reason the youth must always look towards Marx, towards Engels, towards Lenin…” 
References to the original: Speech made at the Lomonosov University of Moscow where Fidel was awarded the Doctor Honoris Causa Title, May 21, 1963
“And the history of a country is written thus; giving its blood yesterday, giving its sweat today; and if it were necessary to give our blood again to defend the fruit of our sweat, we will give our blood!  We will give our blood! And we will forever give our sweat!”
References to the original: Speech given at the regional gathering held at Sagua la Grande, Las Villas, as the culmination of the commemorative events for the Tenth Anniversary of the April 9th Strike, April 9, 1968.
“One day, when the revolution is triumphant in all the rest of the countries of Latin America, we shall unite with the other peoples and we shall form a community of Latin American peoples.  We need the revolution for that; we need socialism for that.”
References to the original: Speech at a mass rally in Ploiesti, Rumania, May 27, 1972
“Viet Nam is a most cherished name too close to the hearts of all Cubans. To all of us Viet Nam has been an example to follow and an incentive in our struggle.  The Cuban people is very much aware of the extraordinary role played by the people of Viet Nam within the world’s revolutionary movement and in people’s liberation struggles.  Viet Nam has taught an unforgettable lesson to all the exploited and oppressed peoples.  No liberation movement, none of the peoples that have struggled for their independence have had to wage a struggle as prolonged and heroic as that waged by the people of Viet Nam.”
References to the original: September 12, 1973 – During a reception hosted by the Workers’ Party of Viet Nam and the government of the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam on the occasion of Fidel’s visit to that country, he expressed:
“The past was that of colonialism and imperialism; the future belongs to humankind, to the peoples and the revolution.  And facts are proving this true in our hemisphere and elsewhere.”
References to the original: Speech delivered by Fidel during the mass rally in honor of General Omar Torrijos, held at the School City 26 of July in Santiago de Cuba, January 12, 1976