Letters and Messages

A message for Fidel

Dear Comandante, please accept my congratulations on your 86th birthday and my wish that you enjoy, in the words of the Mexican song, "many more years". Your consistency and integrity throughout your life is an example that inspires us and gives us courage to go on fighting tirelessly to build a new civilisation that will put an end to capitalist barbarism.

I wish to congratulate you also, in passing, on the fact that Cuba was the best placed of the countries of Latin America & the Caribbean in the medal table at the London Olympics: at number 15. Once again, revolutionary Cuba has distinguished itself and has honourably represented Latin America in the world of international sport. And congratulate you too, on the performance of Jamaica - for which Cuba has done so much - in finishing in 18th place, ahead of Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and the Dominican Republic.

Nothing more for now. Thank you for being with us and lighting our path.

Ever on to victory, Comandante!

13 August 2012