Commemorations for 175 years of Chinese arrival in Cuba commence

China and Cuba began the official program of commemorations for the 175th anniversary of the arrival of the first Chinese immigrants in Cuba.
The ambassadors, Ma Hui and Carlos Miguel Pereira, held a videoconference at the launch, along with officials from other institutions of their respective governments.
During the activity, both the officials highlighted the Chinese footprint left in Cuba, its contributions to the national identity and the participation of many Chinese in the struggles for the independence of Cuba.
They also spoke of the excellent state of bilateral relations and the will to take them to higher levels.
An academic seminar held on Monday brought together representatives of China and Cuba in salute to the event, held every June 3rd.
The event included several presentations, videos and a presentation on the opportunities and advantages for foreign investment in six projects with an impact on the local development of Havana’s Chinatown.
These proposals cover the sectors of agribusiness, commerce, tourism, professional services and industry, and their investment amounts range between one million and 10 million dollars.


Prensa Latina