Dominican Digital Journal Honors Fidel Castro in His 92 Birthday

A heartfelt homage under the title ''The legendary Fidel Castro'' pays tribute to the leader of the Cuban Revolution for his 92nd birthday this Sunday in the Dominican digital daily Hoy.
In a leading article signed by Manuel Cruz, the publication considers that it would be a kind of culturicide against historiography not to write and to highlight every August 13 the birth of Fidel Castro, who must be called a legendary and immortal figure.
The author states that a large part of the nations of the world, still differentiated by their cultures and with greater prominence in Latin America, have agreed to immortalize and value their great men in their rightful dimension, such as the Cuban leader.
Fidel, the newspaper recalls, who from that July 26, 1953 after the assault on the Moncada garrison made it clear he had decided to write his future with indelible ink in the history books, was already part of the history and anonymous hero of the Dominican people, after risking his life at the age of 21 trying to overthrow the dictator Leonidas Trujillo in the so-called Cayo Confites expedition of 1947.
But it was after the landing at Granma in 1956 that Fidel really became not only a giant but also a true leader who, at the age of 30 and 12 men, survived the defeat at Alegria de Pio.
He was able to keep alive the morale, the spirit and the courage to fight against 80,000 soldiers of the army of the dictator Fulgencio Batista, until the triumph of the revolution was achieved, the article adds.
This August 13, the article concludes, the birthday of a legendary life is celebrated when it is more than proved that it is the man with his dedication, his ability and his actions, who finally disposes, and that Fidel's greatness surpasses the fine thread of our ideas and beliefs.
Eternal glory, respect and great admiration for the greatest statesman of the 20th century, and immortal for his ideas. Long live Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz.


Prensa Latina