India demands that US remove Cuba from list of terrorist states

An article published on India’s Peoples Dispatch website demands the removal of Cuba from the list of states sponsors of terrorism created by the United States.
The writing by musician Roger Waters and intellectuals Vijay Prashad and Manolo De los Santos asserted that there is not a shred of evidence that Cuba has offered any support whatsoever to terrorist activities.
It pointed out that Cuba has been a victim of acts of terrorism on the part of the United States since 1959, including an invasion in 1961 (Bay of Pigs) and repeated assassination attempts against Fidel Castro (638 times).
Cuba has a long history of health internationalism, with Cuban medical personnel and medicines being a familiar sight from Pakistan to Peru, it said.
“Why is a country that floods the world with health care being singled out as a state sponsor of terrorism?” the publication asks.
Washington’s designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism profoundly damages the capability of the Cuban government and its people to carry out the basic functions of life.
The immense power of the US government over the world financial system means that banks and traders refuse to do business with Cuba for fear of US retaliation for breaching the blockade.


Prensa Latina