International Lawyers Congress 2022 analyzes key legal issues in Cuba

The International Congress of Lawyers 2022 continues today at the Convention Palace, with the analysis of economic, commercial and financial conflicts, legal advice, forms of non-state management and patrimonial responsibility, key issues in the current scenario in Cuba.
The meeting takes place through Friday and includes in its agenda keynote lectures, presentations, panels, interventions, interactive spaces and digital presentations by renowned representatives of the legal sciences.
Alie Pérez Véliz, dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the University of Pinar del Río, told Prensa Latina that since the approval of the Magna Carta in 2019, the country has undergone a legislative transformation of great relevance.
The also professor of General Theory of the State and Theory of Law in that center of studies underlined the debates on provisions such as the Code of Processes that includes topics allusive to the family, civil and mercantile spheres.
He mentioned the review of the new Criminal Procedure Law, the Administrative Procedure Law and the Law of the Courts, which reposition the role of the lawyer and give him a greater role from the moment of the instruction of charges and resolve some dissatisfactions of these professionals.
In his opinion, this event, in its ninth edition, allows the exchange of experiences, from each community and participating jurist, both national and foreign, on the confrontation of certain problems in the contemporary context.
Despite the complex internal situation, the expert acknowledged, we are experiencing "an important legislative reform, aimed at recognizing more rights and expanding the procedural channels for claiming them in administrative, criminal, civil and family cases".
This implies, he said, a greater preparation of lawyers regarding the theoretical bases, the mastery of the updated and current regulations and the skills and practical procedures to face the challenges posed by their implementation.


Radio Habana Cuba