Proposal from Chile to award Cuban Doctors with Nobel Peace Prize accepted

As a recognition, the Chilean Solidarity Movement with Cuba on Wednesday appreciates the acceptance by the Norwegian Nobel Committee of new nominations to grant this award to the Cuban doctors.
The confirmation by the Nobel Institute to nominate Cuba's Henry Reeve Medical Contingent for that prestigious award in 2021 was revealed in Santiago on Tuesday. Julio Pinto Vallejos, National Prize of History 2016 in Chile, presented it this time.
The prominent academic received notification from that entity, regarding to accept the nomination proposal sent by him in a letter in accordance with the regulations of the Norwegian Institute.
On October 8, the Norwegian Nobel Institute also accepted the nomination from Chile of the Cuban doctors' brigades presented by prominent Chilean academic Haroldo Quinteros, Professor Emeritus of Social Sciences.
Under the slogan 'Doctors and not bombs, for life and peace' the campaign for the Nobel Peace Prize was launched in Chile in August.
The Henry Reeve contingent was founded on September 19, 2005. Its brigades have worked in many countries, especially fighting the Ebola epidemic in Africa and this year the Covid-19 pandemic in nations of several continents.


Prensa Latina