U.S. congressional representative advocates policy of rapprochement with Cuba

Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern advocated for the U.S. government's rapprochement with Cuba, according to an interview broadcast the day before on YouTube on the Belly of the Beast channel, directed by journalist Reed Lindsay.
I am very disappointed with the policy of Joe Biden's administration towards Cuba, said the representative, "I think we should normalize relations," he added.
"I pushed President Obama to open up the policy between the two countries, which he did and I thought that was the right direction, but then Trump took office and reversed all that," McGovern said.
He added that so far Biden has not changed Trump's directives regarding the Caribbean island, which is "a big disappointment" from his point of view.
"I personally urged the current administration to change course on this issue and that has not happened yet," he said.
"Our policy right now is a disgrace, it just doesn't work in any way and I think it has not only been unfortunate for the people of Cuba, but it has undermined the credibility of the United States in the world," he said.
In my opinion, we should normalize relations and lift the blockade, which does not mean that we do not criticize each other, that we do not raise objections when we have disagreements, the representative continued.
"I will continue to advocate that the current administration reverse course and pursue a more rational and more mature policy," he concluded.
The Democrat, who has traveled on several occasions to the island, reaffirmed his position on his Twitter account when a few hours ago he wrote: "Biden's sanctions on Cuba are contributing to the suffering of the Cuban people every day, every hour. Biden has 'adopted' Trump's policy regardless of the cost to the Cuban people."


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