The Greatest Politician

I have met many statesmen because of reasons of life, especially from Capitalist and Socialist countries; however, I’ve never seen in them a shadow of the genius of Fidel Castro.


Once I dared to say that if Fidel were in the United States, if there were an American citizen named Fidel Castro and he was a Socialist, the world would be a different place. The world would enjoy peace, freedom, democracy and respect for human life. And that, I think I feel as true; and that I attribute all this to ethics, the moral mission, the honest sense of fidelity to the people, to the Latin-American mission, to the lesson he received by reading Martí. But also to what Fidel has himself developed.

Fidel, is in my opinion the greatest politician in two centuries, and as such, he has accomplished his mission and he has opened a new era in Latin-America.