Viaje al Exterior

Chile, 1996

Santiago de Chile
November 9

•    Greetings conveyed upon his arrival at “Arturo Merino” airport in Pudahuel.
•    Conversation with Jorge Branco de Sampaio, President of Portugal, at the Hyatt Hotel.
•    Conversation with Ernesto Zedillo, President of Mexico, at the Hyatt Hotel.
•    Conversation with Ernesto Samper, President of Colombia, at the Hyatt Hotel.
•    Fidel attended the dinner hosted by Eduardo Frei, President of Chile, at ‘Palacio de la Moneda’.
November 10

•    Visit to the Salvador Allende Mausoleum.  Fidel laid a wreath on his tomb at the General Cemetery.
•    Speech delivered at the Sixth Iberoamerican Summit.
•    Speech delivered at the solidarity meeting organized by the Chilean Socialist Party at ‘Canelo de Nos’.
Viña del Mar
November 11

•    Fidel attended the private session held at the Presidential Palace of ‘Cerro del Castillo’.
•    Signing of the Final Declaration of the Sixth Iberoamerican Summit.