Only socialism will save humanity

Fidel before Lenin's Mausoleum, June 27, 1972. Photo: Granma Archives
Fidel before Lenin's Mausoleum, June 27, 1972. Photo: Granma Archives




Periódico Granma


On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, in a message to the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba reiterated its unity with "all revolutionaries of the world" in reverently honoring the memory of the leader of the legendary October socialist revolution in Russia.
The text begins the fraternal greeting with the words of Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz: "It must be said that Lenin's thought has had a great influence on the Cuban revolutionary process. That Lenin's ideas, as a result of the October Revolution, were widely disseminated throughout the world, and that in our country they found fertile ground, they found followers who were inspired by this thinking. And that in the revolutionary struggle of 1930 to 1933, Cuban revolutionaries were deeply influenced by Lenin's thought.”

The missive notes the continuity of this Leninist vocation throughout different stages of the revolutionary struggle, "since the creation of the Cuban Communist Party, founded by Carlos Baliño and Julio Antonio Mella, affiliated to the Third International, organized by Lenin; in the ideals of the Centennial Generation, led by Fidel, and throughout these years of constructing socialism in Cuba."
The massive support for the socialist character of the Revolution expressed by the Cuban people, from the mobilization to confront imperialist aggression at Playa Girón, to the approval of the new Constitution of the Republic; two examples of a "living tribute" to Lenin's legacy "and to all those who fight for peace, development, life and the well-being of the human species.

"Given the serious problems facing the world today, including the new coronavirus pandemic, we reiterate our firm conviction that only socialism will save humanity and lead us to a better world, of full justice and equality," the message concludes.

Visiting the mausoleum that holds Vladimir Ilyich Lenin's remains, Cuban President Díaz-Canel
presents a floral wreath in the name of the Cuban people. Photo: Estudios Revolución
Army General Raul Castro Ruz, then Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces,
dedicates a floral wreath to Lenin, on February 22, 1979. Photo: Granma Archives