Che and Fidel: a close friendship

This is more than a book in the usual sense; this is a unique combat instrument full of undisputable evidence told by its protagonists and of touching images and texts. A book that reveals the affection, respect and admiration that brings together Che and Fidel which is to say that brings together Che, Cuba and the Revolution.  

The editors and researchers of this book have made a great and commendable work. Aside from some editorial precisions, the editors and researchers have given the floor to Che and Fidel to talk with their own words about the close friendship that always characterized them. The story of their friendship is also told through documents of great value and the testimonies of people close to Fidel and Che such as Piñeiro, Montané and Conchita Fernández and the letter of Camilo Cienfuegos, among the documents. It is enhanced with new testimonies by Leonardo Tamayo, Harry Villegas, Enrique Oltuski and Orlando Borrego.



Editorial Capitán San Luis, Havana