Cuban doctors in China to reinforce medical command center established in our embassy

Cuban embassy medical response center in Beijing. Photo: Twitter Presidencia Cuba
Cuban embassy medical response center in Beijing. Photo: Twitter Presidencia Cuba

Two Cuban doctors have arrived in China to reinforce the medical command center established in the Cuban embassy.
According to a tweet from the Cuban embassy in Beijing, the experts plan to monitor the coronavirus epidemic and guide Cuban personnel in adopting preventative measures.
In a message on Facebook, three days ago, the island's ambassador Carlos Miguel Pereira Hernández, stated, "Many continue to seek information on our compatriots living in the country, given the worsening of the epidemiological situation. I can confirm once again that no member of our community living in China has been affected. An exceptional situation has been established with a Plan of Measures for what we are calling Phase 2 and already have plans for a Phase 3 which we will begin to implement February 1. Information on the situation of Cuban residents is updated daily by the embassy and consulates, as well as compliance with measures taken by the Chinese government, both at the local and national level.”
All diplomatic personnel and Cubans residing in different regions have been directed to maintain hygienic-sanitary measures established to avoid infection, avoid crowded areas, monitor their vital signs, and follow indications of local authorities.
All 92 Cuban students, currently in China studying in different areas are well. Of these, there is only one student in the city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic, with whom daily communication is maintained. Students are complying with their universities’ recommendations, and checked for general health and temperature, in some cases up to twice a day. The 50 students in Beijing were provided type KN95 masks by the embassy, while consulates in Guangzhou and Shanghai are looking for alternatives to acquire masks for students who need them.
Direct communication is also being maintained with the 10 Cuban citizens residing in Wuhan City, which remains isolated, as the government is implementing a maximum alert strategy. All are currently healthy and cooperating with authorities.
Pereira added: "The senior leadership of our Party and government and our entire people are very much aware of the situation, and beyond logical concern for our health, appreciate the rapid response and measures taken, which reinforce our confidence in the real capacity of our Chinese brothers to win the battle against this epidemic.”
To those who, in an irresponsible manner, have lent themselves to the unscrupulous tone of certain media, always ready to criticize and sow uncertainty, he called for the respect and support our Chinese brothers deserve, at a time of such concern and pain.


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