„This Revolution is the Revolution of our people; it is the Revolution of our youth; it is the Revolution of our students. Together we achieved it.  Together we defend it.  We are one and the same thing and we cannot ever stop being that.“
References to the original: Speech given at the keynote ceremony for the twenty-ninth anniversary of the Young Communist League and the thirtieth anniversary of the José Martí Pioneer Organization, April 3, 1991.

"I believe that, rather than weapons the peoples need ideas. They need a change from an inhumane, unsustainable global world that threatens life on the planet, to a just and humanitarian social order that offers humanity an opportunity to survive. The peoples need a world with a bit of drinking water and air to breathe where the necessary food is available and advanced technology can be used to produce housing, schools to educate the children, medicines to preserve human health and medical care indispensable to all, children, adolescents and the elderly".

References to the original: Speech given by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Councils of State and Ministers, upon receiving the José Bonifacio Medal, Grand Official grade, at the Rio de

“Sports require discipline, and they teach children and young people a great deal about discipline, resistance, stability, perseverance and courage. They help build character and promote better health and physical and mental development”.

References to the original: Speech delivered by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, August 13, 1999

“Put and end to the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people that is taking place while the world stares in amazement. May the basic right to life of that people, children and youth, be protected. May their right to peace and independence be respected; then, there will be nothing to fear from UN documents”.

References to the original: Key address at the World Conference against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. Durban, South Africa. September 1, 2001

“The National Union of Cuban Writers and Artists and the Saíz Brothers Association will keep in close contact with these young cultural workers through the booming movement, which will come into being as thousands of art instructors join every year.”.

References to the original: "Speech given at the graduation ceremony of the Schools for Art Instructors in "Ernesto Che Guevara" Square" , October 20, 2004

“Glory be to these young people! Glory be to these new saviors of lives who are taking this noble medical profession to new heights of dedication and ethics, never before seen in this world!  They embody the kind of doctors claimed for with desperate urgency by billions of people”.

References to the original: Speech given at the first graduation of students from the Latin American School of Medicine, August 20, 2005
“To the youngest of our revolutionaries, in particular, I recommend to be extremely demanding with themselves and to observe an iron-clad discipline. They should avoid being ambitious for power, presumptuous or boasters. They should be watchful about bureaucratic methods and mechanisms […] use science and computation without falling prey to the excessively technical and unintelligible jargon of the elitist specialists.  They should always be hunger for knowledge; and perseverance, and both physical and mental exercises should be part of their lives.”
References to the original: Reflection by Fidel entitled An Epiphany Gift, January 14, 2008